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Call Now or Book Online for an Initial 45min TREATMENT FOCUSED appointment. Physiotherapy appointments at Functional Health Biggera Waters are Completely Treatment Focused with our unique Hands-On approach.

Exercise Physiology

Call Now or Book Online for an Initial Exercise Physiology appointment. Exercise Physiologists are fast becoming Doctors preferred allied health partner when it comes to improving general health and well-being.

Sports Massage

Call Now or Book Online for an initial Sports Massage with a fully qualified Physiotherapist. Ideal for the reduction in pain and stiffness, as well as the management or prevention of injuries.

100% Health Program

Call Now or Book Online for a Free, no obligation, initial 100% Health consultation. The most cost-effective treatment plan in Australia, targeting the most stubborn injuries or conditions from work, sport or otherwise.

MedX Core Spinal

Call Now or Book Online for a Free, no obligation, initial MedX session. The most technically advanced medical exercise equipment in the world. Designed to eliminate back and neck pain as well as safely improving spine function and full body performance.

Other Allied Health Services

Unsure of what treatment will best suit your injury, condition or concern? Call Now to speak with one of our friendly team members for advice on what treatment or service might suit you at either our Biggera Waters or Broadbeach practice. Some other services are listed below:

Specialist Health Services

Home Visit Services | Functional Health’s team of experienced Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists will happily provide home visits. Functional Health’s health professionals can provide hands on treatment as well as set up injury management and home exercise programs.

Golf Fitness | The number one orthopaedic complaint among golfers of all ages is back pain. The practical advantage of MedX’s added flexibility, strength and endurance makes the Functional Health/MedX Core Spinal System a favourite among both social golfers and golf professionals.

Better Breathing | Difficulty breathing can be a major limiting factor in all aspects of life. If experiencing shortness of breath during physical activity, mild exertion or day to day activities, the Better Breathing Program is for you. Help improve the performance of your lungs and dramatically improve your quality of life. The program has been utilised word wide since 2006.

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